Merry Christmas Guys

25 12 2010

Feeling lonely here ;__;

Oh yeah, I’m a Christian. I celebrate Christmas too.


Touhou Sky Arena

10 12 2010


Instead of some screenshot, I put the banner here ^^

From the creator of Magical Battle Arena, here comes the Touhou edition of that game, Touhou Sky Arena. Tadaaa~!! Now you can play some of the most famous Touhou character in MBA-esque game with a better art than ZUN’s [Obviously]. Heck, this game’s art is even better than Tasofro’s in my opinion.

But I worried about the gameplay. I still confused about MBA until today. The control scheme is very bad. I hope this one is going to be better. Because I’m eager to play Touhou character in this kind of game.

So far only two must have characters confirmed, Reimu and Marisa. Of course the developer isn’t stupid enough to only having two characters. I’m sure the Scarlet Devil Mansion gang is going to be playable, but for the rest I couldn’t guess.

The trial version will be on sale at the Winter Comiket this year. The full version will be available someday.

Almost forgot, the website can be accessed from the banner.

Star Driver, my favorite anime this year

16 11 2010


Better than it sounds

If you still watching modern anime, you shouldn’t miss this one [Except, if you’re not even interested in mecha show]. Not something new, though, it’s been airing for a while, currently episode 7. And I’m sure you’ve known about it, if you still updated about anime.

I don’t have to tell what’s this anime about, wikipedia and other sites did it better than me. I just want to say this one is FABULOUS. The best I’ve watched in 2010. EPIC OP and insert song. FABULOUSly awesome transformation scene. Well, it’s that awesome [Or at least, for me].

Yeah, I know it’s selling camp, but the show itself is awesome enough, that you anti camp elitist could forgive KIRABOSHI~

December 31st, 2010. Grab a copy of this game.

4 11 2010

This article contains spoiler about the gameplay. If you read it, either you know what I mean, or don’t think of it as a spoiler.

In January 2010, some doujin game developer called Yotsubane release a trial of this great game called Crimzon Clover. This game is, without doubt, is the best modern shmup I ever played. It’s like a wet dream for me. I came twice just from playing this game. After I got pwned, I felt so good, I can’t even move.

No seriously, this is a great game. Awesome graphics, three full levels to play, nice weapon choice for you [you got a straight firing guns, and a homing missile as a main weapon, and they’re divided into two buttons, so you can use them separately],  and most importantly, it’s easier than it looks.

Yeah, it’s fake difficulty is really something to discuss. Your ship’s hitbox is much smaller than the sprites. You can even destroy enemy by touching them. In other shmups usually it’s inverted. You got destroyed if  you touch the enemy.

Oh, almost forgot to tell, what’s available now to download is the trial version [Don’t be so stupid, I can’t read kanji, but I know which button is the download button, the green one with download icon]. The full version will be available by the date mentioned in the title.

If you bother to play it, here’s the button config:

Z – shoot
X – homing lasers
C – special weapon (must charge up first)
W – pause game

Stop being an otaku… No progress yet.

3 11 2010

That stop being an otaku thing, looks like I didn’t get any closer to stopping. I just bought a figure, still playing 2D harem, and other otaku activities. Yeah, it’s just one year, I’m still a newbie in this world. I should just enjoy this life for now. As time passes, I’m sure I’ll get bored someday. It’s not like being an otaku is that bad I have to stop it. As long as I’m not a hikikomori, being an otaku is fine.

Hell, this post looks more like a diary post than a blog post.

Evangelion 2.0 at Global TV

30 10 2010

Gue Shikinami Asuka Langley loh bukan Soryuu

Another non-mainstream anime aired in Indonesia [Or is EVA popular enough to be called mainstream?]. This time, our local anime-channel Global TV aired it.

Aired as saturday morning cartoon, this movie was put on Global TV’s “Big Movies Lolipop whatever” program. Yeah it’s a bit of insult to call this thing children’s anime, but at least they aired it. Something that bugs me, is that they should have known that EVA is not children’s show. If they think all anime is for children, they shouldn’t even had the thought of airing something like EVA. Oh, and just by watching it, you can already tell this is not children’s show. EVA isn’t cool, it’s disturbing.

Okay, I think I got the answer itself. They care about us, thought about airing it midnight, yet don’t think we will watch it midnight. So they aired it at saturday morning cartoon’s time slot, and even call it “Lolipop” so they can attract more viewers. Looks like an insult, but has a good objective right? Also, EVA’s main characters are teenagers, so it could be mistaken as child’s show.

Another fail is the cutting. It’s cut so much. Makes sense, as they aired it at children’s timeslot. But, well, we watch it for the fanservice right? Cut it and you got nothing. As for the dub, I doubt any dub can exceed the original seiyuu [Cowboy Bebop is the exception IMO]. And you elitist sure hate Indonesian dub.

One good thing from the dub, is that Shinji’s dub is actually good for me. More feminime than the original, I think it suits his character better. If I heard the Indonesian dub first, I might prefer it than the original seiyuu.

Don’t take paragraph three seriously, btw.

[Trying to] Stop Being an Otaku

24 10 2010

Time to end this!

It’s been one year since I got into this world. I have watched many anime since that day. Learning about otaku culture, playing otaku-aimed video games, reading manga, and other otaku stuff.

Back when I was just exposed to this world, I was such a moetard. Knowing nothing about moe, but blabbering about it everyday. Not something to regret though, it’s a good memory. It’s just funny, that I used to watch many moeblob shows, but now I got bored just in one year.

And now, reaching my peak of boredom, I want to stop being an otaku. My otaku-ness has reduced recently, but I still classified as an otaku. I’ll start by not claiming myself as one. Then I’ll stop being obsessed with anime [obsession with moeblob has gone down a lot, but I still got some anime obsession].

But, some otaku stuff, if not doing it obsessively, is nothing wrong. Watching anime, reading manga, playing Touhou, are all a good hobby actually. It’s just bad because it’s overdone. And everything is. So I’ll still draw manga-style, watch some anime, and other things, but reduce its frequency

Hey, and to think about it, my friends at AOI aren’t much of an otaku either [Especially the older ones]. I’m one of the few who take anime too much. All I see in CB is some manga-style artist, some manga-style artist [intended redundancy], some trolls, some UNL players, two TVTropers, and some L4D2 players.

Hopefully not the last post of mine, because I’m gonna still update about video games and some anime show that I think worth watching.