Cowboy Bebop: The Movie at Trans7

13 10 2010


Wow, somehow I can speak Indonesian now



Just when I was thinking what I should write here… I just got one.

When I was staying up late last night, adan, one of my friend at AOIndonesia told me that Cowboy Bebop was airing at Trans 7, a local TV channel in my country. So I ran to the living room and checked it out. Well, it’s surprising that they actually aired Cowboy Bebop.

A bit disappointment when I know that what was aired was Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. I was hoping for the series to be aired, but I guess I was hoping to much. Also, I already used to the English dub (yeah, I watched the English dub, not the original dub) so the Indonesian dub is a bit strange to my ears. But it’s okay, at least they tried to give us some anime show.

Yeah, good job Trans Corp (the company that owned Trans 7) for airing otaku-level anime in my country. I remembered when Trans TV aired Evangelion. They failed but at least they care about anime fandom. Maybe some of their people are just like me.




6 responses

13 10 2010

udah nonton di HBO..

wew, ga banyak sensor tuh?? itu kan ada adegan umbar oppai ‘_’

btw, nice blog you hav here ^^”

13 10 2010

sayangnya gua gak nonton sampe abis T_T ketauan bokap terus disuruh matiin. jadi gak tau dah versi indo ini disensor kagak. btw, kalau versi penuhnya gua udah nonton.

13 10 2010

lolz… right after i get down to have a drink, switch on the TV for a while and there… Cowboy Bee Bop and trans7 😀

13 10 2010

yeah it’s not bebop in trans 7, it’s bee-bop. Will there be any anime again soon in trans channel?

15 10 2010

i see trans 7 starting to getting anime back to their programs there 🙂

it’s nice to hear that even now they’ve been in same corp as trans tv 😦

remember TV7 ?? every evening everyday always anime 😀

15 10 2010

yeah, that day I watched many anime from Ranma 1/2, to HunterxHunter to many more…
but actually, the merging between TV7 and Trans ruined my anime life when I was young. They took all the anime.
Then I stopped watching anime for a long time until I followed Naruto.

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