Looks like I’m gonna waste my time on these shows

15 10 2010

A bit late about this,  I just saw upcoming and recent anime list on ANN (Fall 2010 when I wrote this). Actually I’m still watching some old shows, but I see some interesting anime on the list, so I might pick them if I don’t forget to.

Here are them:

Upcoming anime


Planzet (Movie)


Action. That alone enough to make me want to watch it. I hope it’s gonna be a good movie. The plot looks promising for an action packed anime movie. Unfortunately, it’s in full CG. But I’m here for the story and the robot. Not some fappable character. Btw, the plot reminds me a bit of Eva. Especially because I just watched the TV version (I watched the Rebuild first back then). The difference, is that the main character don’t have a father to impress. His father’s dead already in the hands of the alien.


Colorful (Movie) No image yet

The plot looks interesting. The rebirth theme interests me because I rarely watch a show in that genre. Yeah, I’m too much watching action movie. I just got interested into non-action and non-moeblob anime lately. Not much comment because I’m new to this genre.



Megane na Kanojo (OAV)


I’m not usually interested in this kind of anime, but there’s only one reason I am interested: EYEGLASSES. Yeah, I am a megane fan.  Oh, and it’s based on a manga. Maybe I should give it a look, then decide if the anime’s worth watching or not. As for manga of this genre, I read some, liked them, and when it’s adapted into anime I prefer to just read the manga.

Might change later though, so I might edit this post later.




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