“Devil May Cry” 5

18 10 2010

This one is not a fresh news really. I had known about this for about some weeks.

Everybody knows DMC right? A hack n’ slash video game series starring a bishounen called Dante? If you’re a fan of this series, you might rejoice get mad on this one.

A brand new “DMC”, capitalized DmC, has been announced by Capcom. Developed not by Capcom, but by Ninja Theory of  the Heavenly Sword. What’s interesting (or annoying, for some most fans in my forum) is that this is going to be a reboot of the series. Dante will be black haired and emo, he got a new sword, and most importantly, HE SMOKES!!



I thought he never smokes... Well characters change over time. And over the changes of developer.


I actually want to blabber about how much I hate this new DmC. But that would makes me look stupid. Instead I’m gonna write a more reasonable comment about this one.

This DmC, is reboot made to impress the mainstream market. Maybe they think the old Dante isn’t mainstream enough. They think the Dante we know is too “Japanese”. They are wrong.

This DmC, will be hated by most DMC fans, I’m sure of it. Even those who prefer western style like me. Not just in forum, IRL I found most of my friends to prefer the old DMC. IRL, most of my friends aren’t otaku. That makes it clear, that the old DMC is more appealing even to the mainstream market.

To think about it, some other series also has spin-offs/reboot/sequel/whatever that is aimed at more mainstream market. Such as POP 2008 and Fallout 3. The fans might prefer the old one (For fans, if they changed it now it sucks). They might be hated by the old fans but at least succeeded in the mainstream market. I just hope that this one will at least be a good game, in every aspect. I will never count this as DMC but if it’s a good game, I will play it.




One response

19 10 2010

I share a similar sentiment. DMC series is all about watching a hyperboled bishounen’s back and making you bash the controller buttons to hell and back. But that’s where the heart of the series lies. They did make a big change with Nero in DMC4, but they did not change the core of the game. I hope the game system is still intact and it’s all just a matter of cosmetics.
Like the old adage: “If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it”

But then again, it’s DMC. It’s going to sell madly no matter how the devs will spin it. 😛

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