[Trying to] Stop Being an Otaku

24 10 2010

Time to end this!

It’s been one year since I got into this world. I have watched many anime since that day. Learning about otaku culture, playing otaku-aimed video games, reading manga, and other otaku stuff.

Back when I was just exposed to this world, I was such a moetard. Knowing nothing about moe, but blabbering about it everyday. Not something to regret though, it’s a good memory. It’s just funny, that I used to watch many moeblob shows, but now I got bored just in one year.

And now, reaching my peak of boredom, I want to stop being an otaku. My otaku-ness has reduced recently, but I still classified as an otaku. I’ll start by not claiming myself as one. Then I’ll stop being obsessed with anime [obsession with moeblob has gone down a lot, but I still got some anime obsession].

But, some otaku stuff, if not doing it obsessively, is nothing wrong. Watching anime, reading manga, playing Touhou, are all a good hobby actually. It’s just bad because it’s overdone. And everything is. So I’ll still draw manga-style, watch some anime, and other things, but reduce its frequency

Hey, and to think about it, my friends at AOI aren’t much of an otaku either [Especially the older ones]. I’m one of the few who take anime too much. All I see in CB is some manga-style artist, some manga-style artist [intended redundancy], some trolls, some UNL players, two TVTropers, and some L4D2 players.

Hopefully not the last post of mine, because I’m gonna still update about video games and some anime show that I think worth watching.




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