Evangelion 2.0 at Global TV

30 10 2010

Gue Shikinami Asuka Langley loh bukan Soryuu

Another non-mainstream anime aired in Indonesia [Or is EVA popular enough to be called mainstream?]. This time, our local anime-channel Global TV aired it.

Aired as saturday morning cartoon, this movie was put on Global TV’s “Big Movies Lolipop whatever” program. Yeah it’s a bit of insult to call this thing children’s anime, but at least they aired it. Something that bugs me, is that they should have known that EVA is not children’s show. If they think all anime is for children, they shouldn’t even had the thought of airing something like EVA. Oh, and just by watching it, you can already tell this is not children’s show. EVA isn’t cool, it’s disturbing.

Okay, I think I got the answer itself. They care about us, thought about airing it midnight, yet don’t think we will watch it midnight. So they aired it at saturday morning cartoon’s time slot, and even call it “Lolipop” so they can attract more viewers. Looks like an insult, but has a good objective right? Also, EVA’s main characters are teenagers, so it could be mistaken as child’s show.

Another fail is the cutting. It’s cut so much. Makes sense, as they aired it at children’s timeslot. But, well, we watch it for the fanservice right? Cut it and you got nothing. As for the dub, I doubt any dub can exceed the original seiyuu [Cowboy Bebop is the exception IMO]. And you elitist sure hate Indonesian dub.

One good thing from the dub, is that Shinji’s dub is actually good for me. More feminime than the original, I think it suits his character better. If I heard the Indonesian dub first, I might prefer it than the original seiyuu.

Don’t take paragraph three seriously, btw.




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16 02 2011

Kamu suka Shinjinya??? Kalau begitu perkenalkan Ian Saybani :

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