December 31st, 2010. Grab a copy of this game.

4 11 2010

This article contains spoiler about the gameplay. If you read it, either you know what I mean, or don’t think of it as a spoiler.

In January 2010, some doujin game developer called Yotsubane release a trial of this great game called Crimzon Clover. This game is, without doubt, is the best modern shmup I ever played. It’s like a wet dream for me. I came twice just from playing this game. After I got pwned, I felt so good, I can’t even move.

No seriously, this is a great game. Awesome graphics, three full levels to play, nice weapon choice for you [you got a straight firing guns, and a homing missile as a main weapon, and they’re divided into two buttons, so you can use them separately],  and most importantly, it’s easier than it looks.

Yeah, it’s fake difficulty is really something to discuss. Your ship’s hitbox is much smaller than the sprites. You can even destroy enemy by touching them. In other shmups usually it’s inverted. You got destroyed if  you touch the enemy.

Oh, almost forgot to tell, what’s available now to download is the trial version [Don’t be so stupid, I can’t read kanji, but I know which button is the download button, the green one with download icon]. The full version will be available by the date mentioned in the title.

If you bother to play it, here’s the button config:

Z – shoot
X – homing lasers
C – special weapon (must charge up first)
W – pause game




2 responses

5 11 2010

touhou ga?! /hiroshi

bisa donlot dimana nih??

6 11 2010

tuh ada link kan di tulisan “trial version”nya? DL di situ.

game ini ada hubungannya dengan touhou btw, sama-sama danmaku.

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