Merry Christmas Guys

25 12 2010

Feeling lonely here ;__;

Oh yeah, I’m a Christian. I celebrate Christmas too.


Touhou Sky Arena

10 12 2010


Instead of some screenshot, I put the banner here ^^

From the creator of Magical Battle Arena, here comes the Touhou edition of that game, Touhou Sky Arena. Tadaaa~!! Now you can play some of the most famous Touhou character in MBA-esque game with a better art than ZUN’s [Obviously]. Heck, this game’s art is even better than Tasofro’s in my opinion.

But I worried about the gameplay. I still confused about MBA until today. The control scheme is very bad. I hope this one is going to be better. Because I’m eager to play Touhou character in this kind of game.

So far only two must have characters confirmed, Reimu and Marisa. Of course the developer isn’t stupid enough to only having two characters. I’m sure the Scarlet Devil Mansion gang is going to be playable, but for the rest I couldn’t guess.

The trial version will be on sale at the Winter Comiket this year. The full version will be available someday.

Almost forgot, the website can be accessed from the banner.