Your average otaku blog, by a 16 years old kid who happens to like anime and video games too much.

I’m actually a newbie in “otaku” world. Just started one year ago. That was when I knew about Touhou. I liked shmup [a bit, but more than my RL friends] so I give it a try. Because the characters are interesting I started reading the doujins too. And I ended being an anime otaku too after I joined a forum that I actually registered just for Touhou.

Hmm, what now, err, besides Touhou, there’s not much fandom that I’m into. There’s Haruhi, Type-Moon, GiTS and others that I have tried, but I’m not qualified enough to be a hardcore fan ^^;

As for video games other than Touhou, I’ve played some jRPGs but I still prefer wRPGs and other western games, mostly because I only play PC games, so I grew up with PC games that mostly western.


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