Haruhi Film, K-ON!!, Miku Win Anime Kobe Awards

17 10 2010

Souce: ANN

The judging committee of the 15th Animation Kobe Awards has announced this year’s award winners on Friday. The awards are among the most prestigious industry accolades in Japanese animation and media.

Individual Award

Mamoru Hosoda (anime film director, Summer Wars)

Special Award

Studio Biho (anime background art)

Theatrical Film Award

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Television Award


Network Award

Miku no Nichi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day event

Theme Song Award

“only my railgun” by flipSide

Not much comment really, I just bother to post something I like.

Btw, K-On!! wins the awards, it’s not that bad you know?


Yoko Hikasa & Shiina-Tactix – Rhythm Dimension

14 10 2010

A 2008 single by the artists mentioned above. Even if you’re newbie, I’m sure you’ve known Yoko Hikasa right? Yeah that Mio’s (K-On!) seiyuu. This single isn’t as famous as Yoko’s role as Mio, even a Youtube video for this song (which is basically just the song with a picture) use Mio’s picture instead of the single’s cover.

So enough the blabbering, here’s what you might be looking for:



Original uploader (the one who ripped it from CD or hacked the DRM) unknown. Re-uploaded by me.

oh, and don’t forget to support the artist. Don’t have to import it, just download it via iTunes (An irony that these 2008 works with Shiina-Tactix are the only Hikasa’s song that’s available on big stores like iTunes, yet is overshadowed by K-On! songs that can’t even be found on English stores)