2D waifu

13 10 2010


She's twice better at making you "happy" than real women. Even though you can't touch her.


To think about it, today anime fans start claiming characters as their waifu (engrish for wife). Maybe since the moe trend starts. I think it’s okay if it’s just claiming your favorite character as waifu in a forum you joined. I did it too. It’s just one way to express your love to your favorite character. As long as you’re not dead serious about it.

But some people overdid it. There’s this famous news about a guy who “married” his DS, just because he “loves” the Love Plus (A certain NDS game where you date a lovely character, well I don’t know much ’bout this game though, didn’t play and don’t wanna play) character he played (or whatever is the term). Now that’s not eccentric, that’s just stupid.