Yoko Hikasa & Shiina-Tactix – Rhythm Dimension

14 10 2010

A 2008 single by the artists mentioned above. Even if you’re newbie, I’m sure you’ve known Yoko Hikasa right? Yeah that Mio’s (K-On!) seiyuu. This single isn’t as famous as Yoko’s role as Mio, even a Youtube video for this song (which is basically just the song with a picture) use Mio’s picture instead of the single’s cover.

So enough the blabbering, here’s what you might be looking for:



Original uploader (the one who ripped it from CD or hacked the DRM) unknown. Re-uploaded by me.

oh, and don’t forget to support the artist. Don’t have to import it, just download it via iTunes (An irony that these 2008 works with Shiina-Tactix are the only Hikasa’s song that’s available on big stores like iTunes, yet is overshadowed by K-On! songs that can’t even be found on English stores)