“Devil May Cry” 5

18 10 2010

This one is not a fresh news really. I had known about this for about some weeks.

Everybody knows DMC right? A hack n’ slash video game series starring a bishounen called Dante? If you’re a fan of this series, you might rejoice get mad on this one.

A brand new “DMC”, capitalized DmC, has been announced by Capcom. Developed not by Capcom, but by Ninja Theory of  the Heavenly Sword. What’s interesting (or annoying, for some most fans in my forum) is that this is going to be a reboot of the series. Dante will be black haired and emo, he got a new sword, and most importantly, HE SMOKES!!



I thought he never smokes... Well characters change over time. And over the changes of developer.


I actually want to blabber about how much I hate this new DmC. But that would makes me look stupid. Instead I’m gonna write a more reasonable comment about this one.

This DmC, is reboot made to impress the mainstream market. Maybe they think the old Dante isn’t mainstream enough. They think the Dante we know is too “Japanese”. They are wrong.

This DmC, will be hated by most DMC fans, I’m sure of it. Even those who prefer western style like me. Not just in forum, IRL I found most of my friends to prefer the old DMC. IRL, most of my friends aren’t otaku. That makes it clear, that the old DMC is more appealing even to the mainstream market.

To think about it, some other series also has spin-offs/reboot/sequel/whatever that is aimed at more mainstream market. Such as POP 2008 and Fallout 3. The fans might prefer the old one (For fans, if they changed it now it sucks). They might be hated by the old fans but at least succeeded in the mainstream market. I just hope that this one will at least be a good game, in every aspect. I will never count this as DMC but if it’s a good game, I will play it.


Haruhi Film, K-ON!!, Miku Win Anime Kobe Awards

17 10 2010

Souce: ANN

The judging committee of the 15th Animation Kobe Awards has announced this year’s award winners on Friday. The awards are among the most prestigious industry accolades in Japanese animation and media.

Individual Award

Mamoru Hosoda (anime film director, Summer Wars)

Special Award

Studio Biho (anime background art)

Theatrical Film Award

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Television Award


Network Award

Miku no Nichi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day event

Theme Song Award

“only my railgun” by flipSide

Not much comment really, I just bother to post something I like.

Btw, K-On!! wins the awards, it’s not that bad you know?

Looks like I’m gonna waste my time on these shows

15 10 2010

A bit late about this,  I just saw upcoming and recent anime list on ANN (Fall 2010 when I wrote this). Actually I’m still watching some old shows, but I see some interesting anime on the list, so I might pick them if I don’t forget to.

Here are them:

Upcoming anime


Planzet (Movie)


Action. That alone enough to make me want to watch it. I hope it’s gonna be a good movie. The plot looks promising for an action packed anime movie. Unfortunately, it’s in full CG. But I’m here for the story and the robot. Not some fappable character. Btw, the plot reminds me a bit of Eva. Especially because I just watched the TV version (I watched the Rebuild first back then). The difference, is that the main character don’t have a father to impress. His father’s dead already in the hands of the alien.


Colorful (Movie) No image yet

The plot looks interesting. The rebirth theme interests me because I rarely watch a show in that genre. Yeah, I’m too much watching action movie. I just got interested into non-action and non-moeblob anime lately. Not much comment because I’m new to this genre.



Megane na Kanojo (OAV)


I’m not usually interested in this kind of anime, but there’s only one reason I am interested: EYEGLASSES. Yeah, I am a megane fan.  Oh, and it’s based on a manga. Maybe I should give it a look, then decide if the anime’s worth watching or not. As for manga of this genre, I read some, liked them, and when it’s adapted into anime I prefer to just read the manga.

Might change later though, so I might edit this post later.

Yoko Hikasa & Shiina-Tactix – Rhythm Dimension

14 10 2010

A 2008 single by the artists mentioned above. Even if you’re newbie, I’m sure you’ve known Yoko Hikasa right? Yeah that Mio’s (K-On!) seiyuu. This single isn’t as famous as Yoko’s role as Mio, even a Youtube video for this song (which is basically just the song with a picture) use Mio’s picture instead of the single’s cover.

So enough the blabbering, here’s what you might be looking for:



Original uploader (the one who ripped it from CD or hacked the DRM) unknown. Re-uploaded by me.

oh, and don’t forget to support the artist. Don’t have to import it, just download it via iTunes (An irony that these 2008 works with Shiina-Tactix are the only Hikasa’s song that’s available on big stores like iTunes, yet is overshadowed by K-On! songs that can’t even be found on English stores)

2D waifu

13 10 2010


She's twice better at making you "happy" than real women. Even though you can't touch her.


To think about it, today anime fans start claiming characters as their waifu (engrish for wife). Maybe since the moe trend starts. I think it’s okay if it’s just claiming your favorite character as waifu in a forum you joined. I did it too. It’s just one way to express your love to your favorite character. As long as you’re not dead serious about it.

But some people overdid it. There’s this famous news about a guy who “married” his DS, just because he “loves” the Love Plus (A certain NDS game where you date a lovely character, well I don’t know much ’bout this game though, didn’t play and don’t wanna play) character he played (or whatever is the term). Now that’s not eccentric, that’s just stupid.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie at Trans7

13 10 2010


Wow, somehow I can speak Indonesian now



Just when I was thinking what I should write here… I just got one.

When I was staying up late last night, adan, one of my friend at AOIndonesia told me that Cowboy Bebop was airing at Trans 7, a local TV channel in my country. So I ran to the living room and checked it out. Well, it’s surprising that they actually aired Cowboy Bebop.

A bit disappointment when I know that what was aired was Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. I was hoping for the series to be aired, but I guess I was hoping to much. Also, I already used to the English dub (yeah, I watched the English dub, not the original dub) so the Indonesian dub is a bit strange to my ears. But it’s okay, at least they tried to give us some anime show.

Yeah, good job Trans Corp (the company that owned Trans 7) for airing otaku-level anime in my country. I remembered when Trans TV aired Evangelion. They failed but at least they care about anime fandom. Maybe some of their people are just like me.